The Voyage of a Dreamer

We never understand love until we are heartbroken; we never create soul touching music unless life has humiliated us.

Success is superficial. We never learn from success, we only enjoy it. Failure is real. We learn everything in life from failure. We never understand love until we are heartbroken; we never create soul touching music unless life has humiliated us. But success is important. It is success that justifies all of our sufferings endured for the sake of greatness. Life is a journey that has a beginning; we have to begin somewhere and a road, which we must choose instead of being told to accept, to walk upon. Life has no end, only death has. To live means to travel; embracing all the hurt, betrayal, suffering, humiliation and agony so as to leave behind a legacy as great as history has witnessed.

A dream is not real if upon attainment, it does not give satisfaction. In such instances, it means that we walked upon someone else’s road. If this happens, we should not worry too much, because our society that includes our parents, siblings, friends and others always try to coax us into walking a road they had wanted, but couldn’t walk themselves, whatever might have been the reason. So instead of feeling sad, we should just start finding our own road that would lead us to our dream. It is never late to re-search and re-start. But I have observed that people on attaining middle age, start developing a strange fear; strange because, they see others, like, people who they have known, who had already attained their dreams, while they are still looking for their own.

This fear is unfounded though. I have seen no treasure hunter ever wasted her afternoon thinking that before the day would end, she won’t be able to find her treasure. What if she wasted her morning? Even if she starts by afternoon, it’s better than laying down under the scorching sun, crying over the wasted life she is carrying within. But no! Most people will never try to do that because they fear change and because they fear the basic thing that constantly changes; they end up their life in a pathetic way with the eternal realization that they wasted their unique gift – the ability to become an individual instead of being an unknown face in a mob.

People fear to dream not because they don’t believe in dreams but, because believing in dreams compels a dreamer to fight for it. A dreamer has to be a traveller. And the fight is often long and hard, intertwined with many failures and agonizing wait. Dreaming is the easiest of roads to choose but to start the journey and remain steadfast on the road is the toughest of all. And if somehow someone survives the journey, she is rewarded by the destiny by fulfilling her dream. But the destiny is merely a proof that the traveller was successful because those who travel despite all odds are already a successful person.

A dream is alive, it breathes if nurtured. It matures and evolves with every passing moment. Dream, in this sense, is dynamic. And hence, the many roads leading to a dream also evolve and change with time. Nothing in the universe is constant, even a dead leaf is not static. A day has cycle of light and darkness; a year has four seasons; life is a cycle in itself. Therefore, it is against nature for dreams to be static. But most dreamers never understand this basic law of nature, due to which they have to endure additional sufferings. And it is all quite easy for these dreamers in their moment of doubts, to raise questions about their loyalty towards their respective dreams. But what differentiates a great achiever from a great dreamer is the ability to remain focused on their evolving dream and to pursue further.

Wishful dreamers think that being a dreamer is easy, which is not. To be a dreamer is like to be a warrior. Both have to be fighters. Dreamers have to wage fight against many hostilities – jeers from peers, self doubts, and defeats in many battles, heartbreaks, frustration, breathtaking pain and loneliness. Even if a dreamer can conquer all of these hostilities, melancholy is a constant companion. Why? Because, it is a lonely world when one tries to be remarkable and different. Because, no one understands our dreams, not even other dreamers. Because, dream is a personal message from that cosmic mystery we call as universe. Because, dreams unfold in omens.

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