Adults Are Degenerated Children!

Do you have any innocence left?
Like we children have.
Or are adults like that – innocence less?

We are immature – you think.
We are childish – you think.
But have you ever seen us
Waging any wars?
Can history blame us of being guilty
Of Dachau or Guantanamo Bay?

Accepted that we are raw in dealings,
But economic recessions and depressions
Were never our faults.
These are your creations –
The supposed intelligent adults!

Alas! It is we, who needs
Adult supervision,
To be a responsible citizen.
But how to make you understand

That we were born perfect
In a world made imperfect by adults –
Imperfect societies, imperfect rules,
Imperfect economies, imperfect environments.

Instead of you worry about us
Becoming “responsible” adults,
Why don’t you realize that —
Adults are degenerated children!
While we are a perfect creation of God.

We never hold grudge, we never cheat,
Nor do we wage hostilities.
For us, science is always constructive,
Unlike your destructive science.


Yet, you think, it is we
Who needs to grow up!
How we wish,
How wonderful this world would be,
If you try to grow-back
Into the perfection of childhood;
To redeem the glory of God; lost in the mad rush,
Of being fit into this materialistic reflection
Of a blissful world.


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