The Silent Woods

You’re in my arms
Embracing the tranquillity;
The silence of our hearts,
Talking in thousand verses.

This solitary cabin
By the silent woods;
The flowing brook,
The myriad blooms,
The memories of a distant time
When it began.

I was the lost soul
In the dark woods,
Searching for the sky
And a firm ground.

You came along
Breaking a new dawn,
Salvaged this soul,
Lost in the wild.

This is you and me –
By the silent woods,
And the lofty mountains,
On our journey towards,
A thousand dreams.

This is the peace
I found,
In the cacophony
Of silence;
Like the glittering zephyr,
In the blue lagoon.

(An ode to my Girlfriend on our 5th anniversary on 22nd June, 2018)

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