My Purpose In Life: Discovered In 2011

In August, 2011, I was seriously ill. I was so sick that it almost broke my spirit to live. I was only 24. Suddenly it dawned upon me that if I die, there would be no legacy left of me as till then I didn’t achieve anything worth remembering. Worst, I didn’t have any aspiration to achieve anything significant. And I was on the verge of giving up!

An interesting thing happened during the August of 2011. The Indian Cricket team had been playing test matches in England and putting up a pathetic display of cricket; the interesting part was that my childhood hero, Rahul Dravid was playing like a gladiator. Towards the fag end of his illustrious career, he was fighting a lone battle – quite literally, the last man standing. He didn’t give up. Watching him play like that sparked a kindle in me to hang on to my spirit.

A renewed zeal took over and then and there wrote down 10 things that I would want to achieve in life, so that when I die, it wouldn’t be a waste of life. Although, it took me until the summer of 2012 to recover (after a prolonged treatment), but I remained steadfast to the 10 things I had jotted down. Although, I could achieve only 4 out of those 10, so far, still I’m optimistic of achieving the rest. Some of them might seem lofty and some pretty crazy and outlandish, but those are my 10 things to achieve and I am happy and comfortable to share them with you today.

The list is in terms of most significant to the least, and those achieved are in brackets:
1. Become a father
2. Meet the EBEs (aliens!)
3. A trip to space!
4. Become a dollar billionaire!
5. Achieve financial freedom
6. A trip to Antarctica
7. Discover a new species (2017)
8. Write a book (2013)
9. Invited talk at my Alma Mater (2017)
10. Publish a research paper (2012)

Only time will tell if I would be able to achieve the rest of them or not, but one thing is certain; on my deathbed I’ll not be regretful of wasting my life.

This blogpost is not some kind of personal glorification attempt, but to highlight the benefit of having such a personal list. These goals have always given me a purpose, which has helped me to cut through the NONSENSE and BULLSHITS of life, and remain focused. This list is my lighthouse that has helped me to sail across many tempests that have struck my lifeboat during this phase of life.

Death is imminent. We’re not aware of its presence. Life is a gift. Sadly, we’re not aware of it as well. As the cliche goes, ‘Purpose of life is a life of purpose’. As we age, we realize how much time we have wasted in nonsense things than to focus on things that matter. Hence, it is important to know our purpose; our personal quest.

It’s alright if your friends and family don’t understand your purpose, as long as you don’t stop believing in your dreams. They’re not supposed to understand your quest. They’re trying to achieve their own.

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