The Galactic Conspiracy


312 million years ago:
Giant spaceships hovered over the skies of four planets of Star Vega, in the distant Lyra Constellation. The sight of so many spaceships triggered panic across the four humanoid planets, as people began to run for cover. With every passing minute the number of spaceships kept increasing. The humanoids had no idea whose spaceships were those. Slowly, the skies became dark, as the swarms of these spaceships blocked the daylight completely.

For a brief moment, the panic subsided, as nothing happened. People came out of their hidings and looked up at these swarms of spaceships. They were everywhere in the skies; stationary and intimidating. And then, suddenly; without any warning, the most devastating bombings on the planets started. All hell broke loose. Total chaos took over and within minutes, which were actually hours; all the four planets were destroyed, killing more than 400 million humanoids.

252 million years ago:
Similar giant spaceships were seen in the sky of planet Maldek, of Star Sol. Fierce battles followed between the humanoids of Maldek and the fleet of these giant spaceships. The battle continued for many days and months, but neither side seemed winning. Out of frustration, the invasive spaceships unleashed their particle beam weapon and annihilated Maldek into fragments of rocks. The impact was so powerful that it destroyed the atmosphere of its adjacent planet, Mars and wiped out the primeval life forms on another planet of Star Sol, Terra.
The remnant of that Planet Maldek is now known as the Asteroid Belt and we call the blue planet Terra, Earth— our home!

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